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The Cuties originated in the 1970's as a group of male softball players who would dress as ladies and play softball games for charity. They were reprised in 2014 by a second generation of young men who are descendants and friends of the original group.

There are so many good people from all over the county involved in the Clements Cuties fundraising efforts to help awareness for childhood cancer, but without the leadership, organization, hard work, and total sweat, heart, and soul of Gary Norris and the original Clement's Cuties, Harry and Deb Pool, Ricky and Elise Ryce, and Greg and Jeppa Thornburg, the Clements Cuties game and events wouldn’t raise nearly enough of the much-needed funds to help the recipients. These men and women are big-hearted softball players who always put on a great show to benefit a great cause each year. Everyone’s families help out in any way they can.

The Clement’s Cuties yearly softball game is an incredible event at Cryer's Back Road Inn in Compton, MD. The event includes nearly 100 silent auction items, many live auction items, crazy antics, raffles, refreshments and bands following the game on the Back Road Inn Pavilion Stage.

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